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President’s Report


President's Report 2023

I would like to take the opportunity to thank our CEO, Ian Lowndes and his management team for their continued superb efforts in ensuring our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

To our staff, the Board of Management thanks you for your dedication and professionalism in performing your many and varied duties. During the year two of our most experienced managers, Leah Miller (Gaming Manager) and Mitch Yates (Operations Manager) decided to move on. I wish them both, success in their new endeavours.

Financially the Club showed a moderate profit of $49,495. Interest hikes and cost of living, expenses affect all of us and has a direct impact on what people are prepared to spend. The Board of Management acknowledges our patrons for their continued support.

During the year some major capital works were undertaken. The playground for the younger children was renovated and we added another play area near the train for the older children. Both have been widely praised. Also the ladies’ and men’s toilets in the main bar area were renovated.

It was pleasing that the Sub-Branch could have their traditional ANZAC march and service to Panania cenotaph. Once again, ANZAC Day was a huge success and I would like to congratulate Sub-Branch President, Leo Weston and his executive for their efforts in providing this service to the community. The Sub-Branch also took it upon themselves to have the two guns renovated and they take pride and place at the front of the club.

It is very pleasing that the club has been able to provide Trivia on Monday nights, Poker on Tuesday nights, Bingo on Monday’s and Friday’s, and our popular raffles on Thursday night and Sunday afternoon. The club has also introduced a community raffle each month whereby the club provides twenty $50 meat trays, and the community group allocated to that raffle receive the entire proceeds from the raffle. I take this opportunity to thank all the community groups who have patronised this and also to all our affiliated sporting groups for their continued support.

I also take this opportunity to thank our caterer, Jason and his staff for their excellent service and continued association with the club.

Finally, I would like to thank our Directors for their support and professionalism. It is an honour to serve as President and I take great pride in what we have achieved.

I look forward to 2024 and I am confident we can deliver our continued excellent service to our Members and guests.

Colin Wallace
President | Panania East Hills RSL Club



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