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Chief Executive Officer’s Report

Chief Executive Officer's Report 2022

2022 was the first year with uninterrupted trading since 2019, and although the pandemic still hovers above, society as a whole has moved on. Now our community is faced with continual overall increases in the cost of living due to economic pressures from home and abroad.

Members will note that the Club has recorded a profit of $416,049 for the financial year ending 31st of December 2022 compared to a profit of $7,786 for the financial year ending 2021 with the Club having recorded a cashflow surplus of $954,731 from Operating Activities. This is a positive result which the Board of Management are pleased with.

Most of the departments for which the club relies on for income witnessed significant increases compared to 2021. Let’s not forget the Club was shut down for 15 weeks in the 2nd half of 2021. Therefore, the figures following are compared to the budget for 2022 rather than income from 2021. Gross profit from beverage sales resulted in an increase of 10.97%. Gross profit from café sales resulted in an increase of 3.56%. Net income from Poker Machines resulted in a modest increase of 0.10%.

The increased income allowed Management to upgrade some facilities for our Members. New benches and privacy screens for the Gaming rooms providing comfort and privacy for users. New chairs for the café and lounge areas were ordered in 2022 and will be delivered before the end of February 2023. New Blinds have been installed around the Pavilion function area.

Management is dedicated to continual improvement to the facilities for our members and the wish list for 2023 includes new stools for the alfresco TAB and smoking areas, upgrading the playground facilities and refurbishing the bathroom amenities adjacent to the main bar.

Carver & Co Catering continue as the Clubs caterer. Jason and his team successfully provide a great variety of Club classics and modern Australian Cuisine. The Siding Bistro operations managed an increase of 5% compared to figures from 2021 (excluding July to October) Function bookings have returned to an occupancy rate which matches pre-pandemic figures. This shows that the vast majority of our Members are happy with the service and Quality which Jason and his Family consistently deliver.

Members are reminded that further information and analysis of the 2022 Financial Reports is available on the Club’s website Members may also elect to receive a printed copy by contacting the Club Office. Members requesting further information on the Reports for the AGM are welcome, however we ask seven (7) days’ notice be afforded to allow a comprehensive explanation.

Members are also reminded of the upcoming election of for the Board of Directors to be held between the hours of 12 pm and 8pm on the 30th and 31st of March and the 1st of April 2023. Under the Triannual rule there will be 2 positions available for election to the Board of Directors.

There has been a large amount of commentary in the media about Gaming Machines and the stigma surrounding them. I would like to take this opportunity to inform our Members of our protocols and procedures regarding Harm Minimisation and Money Laundering.

Firstly, Money Laundering, Panania Diggers Management does not want criminals on the premises, we are a community driven family venue and we will always strive to provide that service.

Management review correspondence from industry analytics on a daily basis. That correspondence is compared to internal audit reports everyday and if a circumstance arises which requires reporting to AUSTRAC, it is completed within the designated time frame. This ongoing diligence along with the Clubs identification and sign in procedures result in a low risk assessment for Money Laundering to occur at Panania Diggers.

Harm minimisation procedures are the procedures in place to recognise when recreational gambling becomes problem gambling. All of our team members have received the mandatory training and refresher courses. The Club has all of the Government mandated harm minimisation signage in place. Management has successfully conducted and monitored patrons who have requested Self Exclusion programs.

The Management team identified that we could do more for our Members in offering advice and assistance with counselling. We were also concerned with the massive responsibility placed on our younger less experienced staff members to identify and engage patrons displaying the traits of problem gambling.  For these reasons the Board of Management invested in the independent harm minimisation initiative “OK2Play” a digital platform which offers easily accessed, real time assistance from our management team. For more information patrons can scan one of the OK2Play QR codes which are found all around our Club.

Once again, our industry faces uncertain times evolving from factors out of our control. Our devoted Board of Management and the Panania Diggers team can control how we help our members overcome whatever technology is forced upon our industry.

I would like to take this opportunity to relay my appreciation to President Colin Wallace and the Board of Directors for donating their spare time to professionally guide the Club successfully.

Thank you to the amazing staff of Panania Diggers. I believe the Management team have performed an amazing job and continue to improve the employment culture of our Club.

Most importantly thank you, the Members of Panania Diggers. Your support means we can support the Returned Services League, aged care, education and kid’s sport within our community.

Ian Lowndes
Chief Executive Officer | Panania East Hills RSL Club



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