President’s Report

Members will note that 2019 proved to be a challenging year which resulted in the Club recording another significant loss, although pleasingly more profitable than last financial year. Further details will be available in the CEO’s report, however needless to say that there were a number of contributing factors, many of which beyond the control of the Club.

In saying that, we are functioning a viable Club, meeting all our financial obligations as trading has shown signs of an increase recently. It is anticipated by your Board that we will return to profitably in the near future.

One of those contributing factors attributing to the loss was the retirement of the former CEO, Mr. Guy Hallgath. Guy spent in excess of 35 years employed with Panania Diggers with the last 33 of those year at the helm, guiding, supporting and training management and staff. In addition to this and fundamental to the success of the Club was his aiding the Board in their decision making thus developing Panania Diggers into the best and most family friendly “Little Club” in the area. The Board wishes Mr Hallgath well in his retirement and thank him for his contribution over the years.

Further, it was with great sadness that the Board also had to accept the resignation of former long term President of Mr. Garry Murray O.A.M., as a Director of the Club, due to continuing ill health. Carry’s contribution to Panania Diggers can never be understated, as with his efforts and dedication to the Sub Branch. We wish him good health, soon rather than later, In Carry’s place, the Board have been fortunate enough to have appointed Mr. Leo Weston whom also holds the position of President of the Panania East Hills RSL Sub-Branch to fill this vacancy.

The position of CEO was filled by Mr. lan Lowndes, whom as all members would be aware has had a rather lengthy apprenticeship !! He has already demonstrated his enthusiasm in the role with a number of innovations, including the 4.00am close ensuring that our members whom undertake shift-work have an opportunity to enjoy the facilities we have to offer.

Further, the purchase and installation of the Big Screen in the Sports Bar, which makes Game Day that much more entertaining. lan has also embarked upon ensuring the Club is presentable and aesthetically pleasing with extensive repairs and maintenance being undertaken for the increased comfort of our members and guests alike.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to wish lan continued success and longevity in his new position.

This year we celebrated our 60th year by way of a Diamond Anniversary Celebration. Happy Birthday to us and I would like to thank all staff for their efforts to help make the anniversary weekend the success in which it was. The community involvement and stall holders reinforced the reason for the Club and brought about a sense of community spirit and pride.

As with all Club events and the delivery of service, our staff far surpass our expectation and in particular I would like to thank Ms Mel Kurtz our Events Coordinator and Ms Caitlin Doolan, for all their preparation for the event including the countless hours spent coordinating, planning and executing.

Our Club is fortunate to have dedicated staff who go above and beyond in their duties.

It should also be noted that after having received much criticism and negative feedback in relation to Catering Operations in the Club, the Clubs Catering Contract was reviewed and after careful consideration and deliberation in September Mr Jason Carver of Carver and Co successfully tendered the Catering Contract.
To date, Jason has worked closely with Management and the Board in his efforts to supply the best value for money for Functions and Bistro service for our members and guests.

We continue to prosper in our relationships with Panama RSL Sub Branch, Panania RSL Youth Club and our many associated and sponsored sporting bodies. The enormous success of the Community Sunday ANZAC March and the ANZAC Dawn Service still are a talking point around the area. This years’ Sunday ANZAC March will be held on Sunday, 19th April 2020 with the Dawn Service being held on Saturday, 25th April 2020.

The Board would also like to thank the many volunteers that keep our young ones on the sporting field, both summer and winter. We understand that your time is valuable and appreciate your time and dedication!

Members requesting further information on the Annual Reports are welcome to contact Club Reception. On that note I remind you the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Panania East Hills RSL Club Ltd has been set down for 7.30pm on Monday the 6th April 2020. This year the Agenda notes a resolution requesting the meeting approve the awarding of Life Membership to Mrs Margaret Kerr for her contribution to the Club over many years. Another resolution requesting that Board Elections are held under the “Triannual Agreement” which has been explained in the AGM notice recently sent to all members. The Board strongly endorses both of the Resolutions and look forward to seeing many of our members in attendance at the AGM.

On behalf of the Board of Management of Panania Diggers, I extend my sincere condolences to the families of our members who have lost loved ones over the past year.

In closing I also wish to acknowledge the support and industriousness of my fellow Directors and our Staff during a difficult and challenging year. As always your Directors will continue to strive to ensure your Club continues to prosper and meet your expectations.

Tony van der Kley


Panania Diggers