Chairman’s Report


The Club achieved a net profit of $151,648 before including other comprehensive income amounting to $37,280 which raised total comprehensive income to $188,928 for the period.

2017 was again a challenging year for our Club with trading buffeted by an intensely competitive environment within our local area with many of our fellow hospitality establishments investing heavily in major refurbishments and revamps of their premises. As such the increase in income and strong control over expenses noted in the 2017 Annual Report is a sound outcome. The Chief Executive Officer will provide further commentary on this matter suffice to say the result has allowed the Club to further reduce debt in preparation for a proposed major refurbishment of the kitchen and Bistro facilities in mid-2018. It is recognised these rebuilding works are well overdue and will greatly enhance the Club’s F & B profile. Members may look forward to the commencement of this exciting step in the Club’s development in the near future.

Members requesting further information on the Annual Reports are welcome to contact the Club Reception. On that note I remind you the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Panania East Hills RSL Club Ltd has been set down for 7.30pm on Monday the 9th April 2018. This year a ballot for the Board of Directors is also required in accordance with our Constitution. Particulars on this matter may be read in the Notice attached to these Reports. Kindly contact the Chief Executive Officer should you request further assistance or wish to obtain a Future Directors Nomination Pack.

Members would also be aware that on the 30th January 2017, I assumed the duty of your interim Chairman following the resignation of Mr Garry Murray OAM due to a prolonged bout of ill health. I am pleased Garry has remained on the Board, with particular responsibilities for member’s and veteran’s welfare, as his experience, counsel and camaraderie has made my transition to this honoured position much easier. It was with much disappoint we also received the resignation of Senior Vice President, Mr John Watts, from the Board in August 2017 again due to ill health. I am sure you will join with me in applauding the extraordinary contribution Garry and John have made to the success of our Club and Panania RSL Sub Branch over many years.

In recognition of these changes Ms Samantha Williams and Mr Colin Wallace were appointed to the positions of interim Senior Vice President and interim Junior Vice President respectively in September 2017. In accordance with Clause 35.3 of the Constitution, Mr Robert McAndrew was appointed to fill the casual vacancy position of Director until the next Biennial General Meeting in October 2017. I thank all my fellow Directors for their professionalism and commitment during this transitional phase over the past year.

Members would be aware energy costs have dramatically increased over the past few years with the Club incurring an increase of 11.3% in the past six months alone. In recognition of this the Board agreed to partner with AGL Ltd in installing an 180kW solar electricity system on Club premises. The 616 roof mounted solar panels were installed in late 2017 and will come on line shortly which will greatly assist in reducing our reliance on grid energy consumption with very significant associated environmental benefits.

The year ahead will also witness in November the centenary of the Armistice that ended the First World War (1914-18). Your Club is in close discussions with Panania Sub Branch regarding the appropriate recognition of this momentous occasion in our country’s history.

Our relationship with Panania RSL Sub Branch, Panania RSL Youth Club and our many associated and sponsored sporting bodies continues to prosper. The enormous success of the annual Anzac Day Dawn Service and the extraordinary number of teams playing under the Panania banner is testament to the many volunteers who unselfishly contribute many hours of their time in ensuring these events and competitions are managed and operated with the highest level of skill and efficiency. I congratulate you all on an outstanding effort.

It is with considerable disappointment I advise you Panania RSL Women’s Auxiliary has recently ceased its activities after many decades of outstanding service to the Club, Panania RSL Sub Branch and our veteran’s community. These resourceful, formidable and hardworking women have all given freely of their time and energy over many years contributing to the welfare and support of our veterans and members. They will continue as a cherished part of our Club history.

On behalf of the Board of Management of Panania Diggers, I extend my sincere condolences to the families of our members who have lost loved ones over the past year.

In closing I also wish to acknowledge the wonderful employees of Panania Diggers Club, ably led by our Chief Executive Officer, Guy Hallgath. Their contribution to the success of our business is immeasurable.

The year ahead will again present many challenges however our 14,788 members can be assured your Directors will always strive to ensure your Club continues to prosper and meet your expectations.


Tony van der Kley


Panania Diggers