President’s Report

2021 was another challenging year for us all.  Being in lockdown for fifteen weeks takes its toll on staff, catering staff, management and patrons alike. I take this opportunity to thank Ian and his management team for their leadership and handling of the problems associated with the lockdown.

Whilst we received nowhere near the government assistance that we received from last year’s lockdown the club still made a profit from its trading. Offering limited services during this period, the sale of cocktails, growlers, bottled beer, wine and coffee allowed us to keep contact with our members. I would like to thank the staff who donated their time to help with repainting furniture, maintenance of the Club and surrounds, cleaning and gardening. During this period our maintenance team lead by Wayne Healy began renovation of the train carriage and preparation of the Sports Bar for its revamping. Work is still to be done in these areas and I look forward to its completion.

A huge thank you to Jason Carver, our caterer for his service not only during the shutdown but also his magnificent service during this current pandemic. Jason lost crucial staff but managed to continue providing excellent service as we all still come to terms with this situation.

The Board of Management appreciates that our patrons understand that we had to sacrifice some regular activities such as bingo and raffles. Hopefully in the New Year we can offer if not all but most of our services. Your continued patronage cannot be undervalued and is greatly appreciated.

Management and the Board are ensuring that we fulfil our Covid obligations as stipulated by government requirements to keep patrons and staff as safe and healthy as possible. Thank you to all staff who participate as Covid Marshalls your job cannot be underestimated. I take the opportunity to thank all our patrons for the patience and adherence to the rules and regulations stipulated by the various government agencies.

Mrs Helen Finn was invited to join the Board of Management and we are delighted that she has joined our team, Helen brings a wealth of experience and her contribution is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to our sporting affiliates with their continued patronage. Seasons have been savaged by lockdown and we hope next season brings you all success.

Again our Anzac Commemoration March could not be held due to stringent requirements stipulated by NSW government regulations. However, we were able to celebrate the Anzac dawn service and it was pleasing to see a great turnout at the cenotaph and then back at the club.

I am honoured to serve as President and attest that mine and that of the Club’s success is directly attributed to the diligent efforts of my fellow board members together with the commitment and efforts of Ian and his management team. Thank you to our front line staff, your unwaiving efforts are a credit to you and your service cannot be undervalued.

Hopefully the New Year will be more positive and I look forward to a move to some sort of normality.


Colin Wallace

President | Panania East Hills RSL Club