The Siding

Stylish and chic…. inviting, relaxing and comfortable…. The Siding is now open for your enjoyment…it’s a combination of restaurant, brasserie and bistro … all rolled into one … there’s such a vast selection of culinary treats … from gourmet cuisine to wholesome and hearty family favourites … and so much that’s fresh, delicious and affordable!

The Siding is now open for business.

The menu includes a range of new delicious selections including extensive and delicious modern Australian Cuisine, Club Classics, Family Favourites and Pizzas are a speciality.

Come in and enjoy the new menu selections, so whether your catching up with family and friends for lunch or dinner, enjoying a drink or settling in to watch the big screen action in the sports bar or enjoying the atmosphere on The Green, there is something scrumptious for you to enjoy.