Raffle prizes consist of gift cards, club and meat vouchers.

Ticket sales from 5.30pm, Raffle commences at 6.30pm


Members must swipe their member’s card at the member’s kiosk at reception between 6.00pm – 9.00pm to enter.

Depending on your current membership level will depend on the number of tickets you will receive. Bronze will receive 1 ticket, Silver 2 tickets, Gold 3 tickets and Platinum 4 tickets. Three draws will be made Friday night. One at 9.30pm for $100.00, 10.00pm for $100.00 and 10.30pm $300.00. If the 9.30pm and 10pm draws are unclaimed after 4 minutes each one gets added to the next draw. The final draw at 10.30pm must be claimed, so we will keep drawing every 4 mins until we find a winner.



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